Monday, August 16, 2010

San Diego Vacation

Beach house week in San Diego! Most of the time the weather was gorgeous. We came back tanned and exhausted from enjoying every minute of our time there. (Almost makes the loooong car drive -- 2 days each way -- forgettable. Almost. But that's not what I want to remember about the week.)

I want to remember these cousins playing together every minute of the day. They went from water to sand, back and forth all day. Then when they were done they'd take a bath together and play until bedtime. Laine was happily exhausted by the end of each day.

I want to remember that Cannon spent the most time in the water. He would often spend an hour playing in the waves. He took up snorkeling, we'd spend part of the day at the bay side -- no waves -- and he would swim and swim with that snorkel, borrowed from cousins. Guess what's on his Christmas list?

I want to remember that Sommer loved the feel of the sand and she's steal a lick of it every day. She didn't go in the waves but loved playing at the bay.

I want to remember the afternoon session of seaweed jumprope headed by Aunt Lindsey (the fun sister) and Grandma. Laine smiled the entire time.

I want to remember Eric building sandcastles everyday with the kids. The day on the beach usually started with Eric sitting in the sand at work on a new creation with the kids. This one was called Mt. Doom. Sommer would take his hand and say, "I want to build a sand castle with you Daddy." Then when she'd have enough she'd tell him, "I'm done building sand castles with you."

I want to remember the peaceful lull of the waves crashing, the perfect backdrop for getting into that summer novel.

I want to remember that everyday Sommer would climb on my lap and fall asleep, often with a snack in hand. I'd cover her up from the sun or wind and she'd sleep for almost an hour while I got to read.

I want to remember that Ridge loved the boogie board and spent a lot of time in the waves with his brother and cousin getting better at this sport.

I want to remember that Laine and Sommer loved riding the carousel at the fun zone and that they were disappointed to be too little for the bumper cars.

I want to remember Sommer having a delightful time riding in this little boat with her cousin.

I want to remember that Kent and Nellie came through and made the best kid breakfast ever. Short story. When emailing back and forth what we might prepare for meals when it was our turn to cook, Kent joked that for breakfast he'd serve fruit for the adults and donuts, soda and candy bars for the kids. Well, I told my kids what he said and they cheered so loud and said, "Uncle Kent is the best!" Matt told his kids what Kent and Nellie were making and they also got excited, though we warned that it was probably a joke. That's a lot of pressure to make the best breakfast ever. Nutrition out the window, they came through and the kids were thrilled. I heard the cousins discussing before breakfast that they probably wouldn't really get all the treats we'd talked about. But they did!

I want to remember that Ridge got off the rickety wooden roller coaster and exclaimed, "that was awesome!" And that when he went on the other ride, some crazy upsidedown swing spinning thing, he looked ashen during the ride and then so relieved to be on the ground again (though he wouldn't admit he was scared).

And I want to remember that the little girls gathered together on their first day together in the beach house big enough to hold all 23 of us, and made friendships grow by painting each others nails. Female bonding rituals start young.

It was a great week.
We're in charge of the family reunion in two years. How can we top this?


Lauren said...

I want to be one of your kiddos so I can go on trips like this one...what fun!

Kim said...

What a fun filled vacation for your family. Glad you guys loved it there in California. It's great to be able to sit out on the beach and enjoy the sunshine once in awhile. I bet your family would love to go there again, if they could.

Tricia said...

How fun! So glad you made lots of great memories. I love the picture of all the readers on the beach. :)

mindy said...

Sounds like a great vacation. I totally understand wanting to forget the driving portion of the trip. Ours wasn't as long as yours and by the end of ours my sanity was hanging on by a very thin thread. It's all about creating those memories though. Good job!

Torrie said...

i love this post! you all look like you had the best time ever!
as for your turn to plan it~ why not keep it the same? looks like everyone there had a great time!
{and probably wouldn't mind doing it again!}

Shannon said...

Paige, what a wonderful week! You have some perfect pictures here; and I love that your kids actually got their ''sweet" breakfast. That is something they will remember forever!

Kathi said...

Amazing times with your amazing family. What sweet memories for your kiddos and you

Kim said...

okay, I loved reading your beach vacation blog... You really are an awesome blogger. Your kids are so cute. Definitely worth missing the seminary reunion. Looks like you guys had an incredible time.