Friday, August 29, 2008


These are the messes that were left behind --

-- so we could go ride bikes and play at Cannon's soon-to-be-school --
-- because the day suddenly went from gray to gorgeous! The wind was warm and the sun was out. I'm so glad we played because by the end of the hour that we were there the clouds all came back in and then the wind went cold.
I know, I sound like this wonderful mom, taking her kids out to the park on the sunny day, but wait, read on...

The Lego mess was in our bedroom because a few days ago I had to confiscate the Legos because Ridge wouldn't share just one droid Lego-guy and Cannon would not give up trying to steal one from him so they lost their Legos. Ridge was resigned but Cannon screamed and yelled and I'm surprised that I didn't find cps at my doorstep because he was so loud. It was pretty awful though this time I kept my cool. Cannon would not stay put for a time out and would not let me take the Legos, he kept grabbing the bin and fighting me for it while I was taking it away to hide it. Anyway, I had to call Eric for help, I'm not sure I've ever done that, and Cannon finally settled down but it was crazy. So I brought the Legos back out the next day but they didn't exit our room because there was actually space to play, upstairs was a mess, still is in places.

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curly girl said...

You don't just sound like a wonderful ARE a wonderful mom! Heck, the fact that your kids even own those tiny, kill-your-feet-when-you-step-on-them legos is just one testament! ;)

Living here really teaches you to "make hay while the sun shines," doesn't it? Or to go out and play...whichever you prefer...