Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's raining...

The weatherman wasn't kidding, the warm sun only lasted for a day. And while we did get out and enjoy the warmth on Saturday as much as we could, as the afternoon started to wane I began to feel a bittersweet feeling knowing that the next day it was going to be cold and cloudy and rainy again. I know, that is a horrible attitude but it just kind of crept up on me.
And then last week I found the perfect pair of sandals on on Zappos and ordered them, kind of an impulse buy but kind of not since I never bought sandals last summer, and now they are here but how depressing to have a new pair of fabulous sandals and no place to wear them?
And I'll have that be the last post about the depressing rain and gray skies in Seattle. I'm going to have to do some Pollyanna entries about this place because there is a lot of good here too amidst the clouds.


Sally said...

I wish to console you but can't, due to our weather being the same right now. There was a 30 degree difference between yesterday and today! Maybe 40. This offends my CA sensibilities. What kind of state is this?! I was in a foul humor today too, and curled up in bed and tried to sleep instead of having any fun for Spring Break. Boo.

Torrie said...

i know, i know-
rain rain go away!
can't wait to see the new shoes!
you always have the neatest clothes and shoes- i just love your style!
my style is yoga pants and a t- shirt these days :)

Shannon said...

hi Paige - I think the rain is very depressing, too, but I love this picture! We had so many leaks when we lived in Edmonds that every time I see rain running down a tight window or hear it falling on a solid roof I feel a little thrill. :)

i'm kelly said...

i'm sure you are singing... rain rain go away. but truly, i love this picture. i love the rain on the glass. we don't get all that much rain, so i'm kinda jealous.