Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sommer's 8th

It wouldn't be Sommer's birthday without a batch of sugar cookies. Cousins were here for a few days so there were 9 kids helping with the frosting part. Sugar cookies and frosting do not a clean kitchen make. But it's worth the mess and ratcheting up my patience levels to make them for her. 

We braved Build a Bear for her birthday, her request. She named her bear Ella and dressed her like a rock star. And left very happy with her new friend. (And left our bank account much emptier. Sheesh.) 

Ella the bear accompanied us to Claire's for ear-piercing. Her choice again. (I didn't get mine pierced until I was sixteen but maybe if the wonderland of glitter and accessories that is Claire's existed I would have done it sooner. Actually, it probably did exist but I never went in the store.) Sommer has cute little pink hearts in her ears for the next six weeks. I'm happy to report she's cleaning her ears on her own and I'm glad she's responsible about it. 

After swimming at a community pool - it wasn't a very warm summer day but we swam anyway - it was time to eat cookies. And make wishes. I hope Sommer's all come true. 

Her actual birthday was Sunday. Before church the girls were ready early and went out to jump on the trampoline. It sounded and looked very happy. 


Torrie said...

That looks like a fun birthday! Build a bear will definitely make you a little shocked at the cost of a stuffed animal!

Shannon said...

You do birthdays right! I hope the coming year is just as happy for Sommer as her special day was.