Tuesday, August 18, 2015

California adventure

We woke up at 5am the day after our arrival so we could head to the LA flower market. It was a beautiful sight and such a treat to go buy flowers for a wedding. 

Had to take a picture of the hydrangeas. (btw, the ones we bought were beautiful but they wilted. My mom's friend came to the rescue with hydrangeas from her garden on the day of the wedding.) 
One of the vendors we talked to said that her day begins at 2:30am every day and she's done around noon. A real My Fair Lady. It's always interesting to go behind the scenes. 

Pretty much a perfect day. Lindsey looked beautiful and fashionable. We expected nothing less. And having all the boys wear pink ties and all the little girls wear pink dresses was genius, so precious. I loved watching all the little girls twirl around all day. 

Laine and her cousins sharing a laugh outside the temple. 

Our family in front of the Los Angeles temple. What's amazing about this picture is that it almost didn't happen because we were all heading out to our cars, all of us were hungry, we almost didn't have anyone to take a picture but stopped my brother who was trying to corral his little boys. Families are Forever. 

First dance. The backyard was transformed into a magical place. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party which included a hamburger truck from The Habit burger parked out in the cul-de-sac outside the side fence. All the effort my parents made to make the backyard beautiful was worth it. Everyone stayed and stayed and ate and danced and talked. It was perfect. 

The clean up crew making their own bouquets. And my dad, tired, but happy, in the background. 

And then we went to the beach. Actually, we slept in the pop-up trailer we borrowed from Eric's parents every night we were in California. Even in front of my brother's house. Kind of white-trash of us. And yes, it's  more comfortable than a tent but also not my bed. I'm such a wimp. This is us on the first morning after we got to the beach. My brother and his family camped next to us. This would have been a perfect little RV park/campground except that it was right next to the freeway. Seriously, next door. Part of our freeway view was obstructed by bamboo but that didn't mask the sound. But by our last night I was already growing accustomed to the noise, or I was so tired I got to the point where I could sleep through semis driving by. 

A morning walk down to the beach, passed by the train tracks. 

Massimo was in and out of the water all day. He'd get knocked down by a wave and pop up again, no tears, just in and playing. Serious play. He really belongs on the beach, look at that tan skin and blond hair. 

Fun in the sand. Sommer constantly had sand in her suit. 

Laine and her cousin braving the waves as the tide came in. This was right in front of the beach house where my sister was staying. During low tide you could walk down the stairs and across the rocks and sand but then the tide would come in and splash up the stairs as the waves rolled in. 

Ridge tried surfing. Thanks to my brother and Eric's help out in the water he got up. 

Goodbye Ventura. It was a blast. 


Shannon said...

What a beautiful reception and perfect vacation! Ok, maybe it would have been more perfect had you been able to bring your bed... but it looks really fun! :)

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Great photos !:)

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