Saturday, October 18, 2014

A story for the Blaser history book

It's been a busy Saturday, full of fun activities. We left the house early to get to Provo in time for the byu homecoming parade, all dressed in our team colors. We walked across campus to see a plaque in the Brimhall building with Eric's dad's name on it for a honor he received when he was in college. Then we headed to Jaker's pumpkin patch to play in the giant corn pit, climb the hay pyramid and go through the corn maze. After that it was time for a tailgate party even though we weren't going to the game. Then we headed up to Eric's parent's to where we helped load the winter firewood into the garage. Eric promised the kids ice cream when we finished so we went to Macey's for giant cones before heading home. 

And what the kids will probably remember most about this day is that on the way out of the parking lot Sommer threwup and I was yelling at her, "I just asked you if you we're going to throw-up!" And she cried between pukes, "I'm sorry!" Poor girl. She shouldn't have to apologize while puking. But those are the kind of mom moments that make for a funny story later. Right? Either that or something for the therapist to analyze. 

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Shannon said...

Luckily, you have this blog post to remember the many, many FUN things you did today! ;)