Sunday, September 07, 2014


As I was thinking about what to blog about regarding our summer, I realized that I needed to blog about what I wanted the kids to know and what I wanted to remember. We had a lot of fun experiences, going to California, water sports camp with the cousins in San Diego, lots of days at Cherry Hill, swimming at friends' pools, lazy days where the tv was on way too long, a trip to the Blaser cabin, visits to BYU to see the museum of art and Bean Museum. It's been fun. And though I want to treasure up these days they are not the most important things to remember. 

The most important thing is to remember that we've been very blessed. Right before we left for California, that long drive on my own with the kids, I asked Eric for a blessing. When I drove along the offramp to our house I thought to myself, "I'm pretty awesome. I just drove all the way from San Diego by myself." But then I immediately thought of the blessing that Eric gave me and I know that I was able to accomplish this task because of this and because of the prayers of those who knew I was driving on my own and kept me in their prayers. I felt sustained by more than myself. I know I couldn't have accomplished this on my own. Our car worked and we were safe. This was a huge blessing.

A few months ago we found out that Eric's job was in jeopardy. This was a very frightening prospect and I didn't approach it with very much faith. I was very worried and tried to go through life with a positive attitude but would often feel overwhelmed with the what-ifs that loomed ahead. I applied for a different job at the Gap, a lead position that I was actually told I would get the next time it opened. It would have been more time away from home but at the time it seemed like it was what was supposed to happen since Eric's job was on the line (not because of his work but because the company wasn't doing as well as they hoped it would). I didn't get the job and that worried me even more even though I went through the application process with the attitude that if it did work out then it was meant to be and if not, it wasn't. Still, it was hard to have faith that everything would be okay.

A few weeks later Eric heard about a job at a different company, a job that wasn't supposed to be open for another month but the boss said he would like to interview Eric anyway. Eric was offered the position. He never had to go without a job. We were blessed. I know we often talk about tender mercies but for me, this was a mighty miracle for our family for which I am very grateful. A tender mercy that happened a few weeks later is that Eric needed to get a white car for his job. He was looking to trade his truck, that he loves, for a vehicle appropriate for work but that could also fit our entire family. He found a white Tahoe and traded it the very day that his truck's temporary registration expired.

Life doesn't always how you plan. Even if you are working hard to achieve your goals and dreams you can get derailed and have to spend a lot of time getting back on track. The quote I've had up since we had to move this spring is "Come what may and love it," by Elder Worthlin. I admit, I read that quote but I don't always feel like I love what has come. But, it reminds me that there is a lot to love about my life and that, despite things not going the way I had hoped or planned or envisioned by this point, we are blessed. 


Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the reminder here to focus on our blessings; even if life isn't going the way we expected or according to our plans, the Lord's hand can still be seen in so many ways.

mindy said...

Amen sister! It can be so difficult sometimes to go through life's challenges with faith. But when we are able to just turn our troubles over to the Lord and work at maintaining a hopeful attitude, He always makes everything all right. And halelujah for all the little blessings that come to us along the way.

Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. It is so good to see what has been going on at home and to hear your comments about life.

K. Laura said...

Thank you for reminding me of that quote! I need to hang it in my house. You inspired me today. Thank you!