Friday, June 20, 2014

on Sunday ---

Two weeks ago, it was kind of busy on Sunday. We got to do our "welcome to the ward speak in sacrament meeting" talk. (Now that I've been in a new ward three times in three years I'm not sure this is really a welcome. But that reminds me that the bishopric in our first Utah ward felt too sorry for me and didn't ask me to speak since Eric was commuting and I had baby Massi at the time.)

The kids did a great job on their talks even though there was much weeping and wailing around here when we told them they had to speak in church. They all looked up from their talks a couple of times, must have been Eric's coaching, and Eric and I spoke long enough to fill up the remainder of the time, which I think the bishopric hopes for whenever they schedule speakers. Our topic was on being better disciples of Jesus Christ. Even though giving talks isn't easy I enjoy preparing for them in that it gives me a chance to research and learn more about the gospel and my testimony. And our kids are quickly learning, as most LDS kids do, that public speaking isn't something to fear. Or at least if they fear it they are learning that they can do it and do it well if they practice and put personal experience and feeling into their message.

After sacrament meeting we went to primary where Massimo was assigned to speak. He learned the story of Jonah from his teachers a few months ago and he really wanted to talk about that so we worked  it in. He ended up repeating about half of the words I told him to say. So he has some things to learn but at least he got up there and smiled and spoke into the microphone.


Heidi Davies said...

I've never seen a ward have kids as young as your speak. Youngest I've ever seen is 11, I think. But yay for them! Athen would love to give a talk.

Shannon said...

Wow! It is awesome that your family were all scheduled to speak on the same Sunday; in our ward, they don't even do that for missionary farewells anymore. I wish I could have been there. :)