Tuesday, June 24, 2014

custom designed 11th bday

Cannon orchestrates his birthday every year. Maybe it's because he's a middle child and he knows he can milk his special day for all it's worth. Yesterday he even had his birthday eve all planned out so it would go by quicker. He made and frosted his cake, got a haircut, went swimming at a friends and still had trouble falling asleep. This morning he was awake by 6:45, ready to go with his dad to get donuts. While he was gone, laine and Sommer set up the scavenger hunt they had planned for his presents. Donuts and presents opened by 8am. 

Spent some time at Cheery Hill on this happy day. Passed a couple of hours for us before we were on to the next adventure. (I just need to say that I love summer.)

The Lego store! Cannon chose the Dolorian from Back to the Future. 

Then we went to Provo Beach to try the ropes course -- Cannon's activity of choice. The kids had fun with their cousins. 

A summer birthday wouldn't be complete without a BBQ. We kept it simple and served the basics since hot dogs still top cannons list of favorite foods. Fun times at grandma and grandpa Blaser's with the family. 

There's the layer cake, baked and frosted by the birthday boy. He looked very serous about his wish. I'm sure he was wishing for a dog. Again. (Our land lords don't allow pets.) He has started a pet sitting business though! 

Backyard fireworks made an exciting finale at the end of celebrating Cannon. Love our sweet boy. 


Shannon said...

Besides pet sitting, Cannon could be a party planner! I looks like you had a fun day. Happy Birthday, Cannon!

mindy said...

Wow! That's my kind of birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Cannon.