Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/14 9:22am

Cereal and monopoly junior. The girls are such good friends right now. Last night they were giggling so much as they played this game. I want to bottle that sound and save it forever so we can listen to it when we're old. 

And the brothers, bonding for a few days over Pokemon cards and the cartoon, just like when they were little. This time around they are actually doing the battle game which is great because they have to use math skills. That counts for something on these long summer days. 

We went to cherry hill this afternoon even though it was only 70 outside and cloudy. We had the pool to ourselves and the lazy river was quiet, like we were actually floating in a wilderness. We lasted an hour then came home to take warm showers. 

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Shannon said...

It looks/ sounds like your summer is off to a very nice start!