Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Orange Crushers and Tiger Cubs

A long time ago I was a little soccer player in an orange uniform. 
This year I've been the coach for my little soccer player and her friends in orange. (Picture is missing 2 players.) It's been a fun season. As coach I got to run up and down the field with the girls. At first I was all over the place with them but as our season went on they began to understand what their positions were and how to keep them, especially in defense. They are awesome at defence. One little girl wouldn't move from the line on the field in front of the goal she was so determined to keep her position.  Last game one of our players dribbled down to the goal and the goalie from the other team exclaimed "hey! I know you!" And our player scored. Funny first graders. 

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Shannon said...

I bet you were a very fun coach! :)