Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday nap

Every Sunday since we moved Massimo has taken a sacrament meeting nap from about 1:45-2:15. Then he wakes up happy to go to sunbeams. I think we all need Sunday naps at that time. Usually he says he's tired then falls asleep on Eric's shoulder. Since Eric is hiking somewhere in Utah, my shoulder had to suffice today. 

Out of all the kids, Massi has had the hardest time with moving, or at least said the most about it. Today, I was trying to get him to come home after a walk and he said something like, "that's not our  house. That's the guy's house and it's stupid." The morning after we moved in I was holding him and he said, "but mom, this house is so, so little," and he showed me how little it was by holding his forefinger and thumb really close together to illustrate. Another time I told him he needs to sleep in his own room and he said, "I don't have a room anymore. Now it's Sommer's room." Because he shares with Sommer now. And at Target last week he was sitting in the cart and out of no where he said, "our old house was perfect," then he leaned his head on the cart handle. I suppose, because he is three, and because he still plays with our old next-door neighbor all the time, it is hard for him to understand moving, the why's that the adults in his life have tried to explain. While the things he says are funny, they are hard to hear as a parent. But I have to remember that in general, he is happy and I still bounce on the trampoline with him all the time. 


Shannon said...

I'm sorry - those things would be hard to hear. But if you are jumping on the trampoline with him all the time, I am 100% confident that THAT is what he is going to remember in a few years!

mindy said...

I remember a big move we made when I was younger from a spacious town home to a very small apartment. I had similar feelings of disappointment, especially because we no longer had a giant field with a really fun pond as our backyard anymore. Thanks for posting this. Now I am sad too.
I do enjoy having more space but being with family and being safe ultimately matters more. He'll forget as he makes new memories in your new house.
And I'm really jealous that you are able to jump on a trampoline. I can't do that without peeing my pants.