Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring break?

Our spring break wasn't really a break this year. The kids had Friday-Tuesday off. We went to Eccles Dinosaur park on Monday. There is a little dinosaur museum and then a park outside with trails and these dinosaur statues all around. They all had fun, even Laine who complained and Ridge who wasn't sure what he'd think. 

Tuesday our big plans to go to a different trampoline park were spoiled because of sickness so the kids moped around the house for the most part until late in the day when we went to Red Robin for dinner. So, not really a spring break. But hey, now we get out of school the last week of May. 


Shannon said...

It really annoys me when school breaks are shortened. A couple of years ago, our mid-winter break was permanently changed from a week to two days. That's hardly enough time to reset the seminary wake-up bell in my brain! It sounds like you made the most of the time you had though - Red Robin is always a hit around here!

Kimberly said...

Very fun! I have not been to the dinosaur park since I was a kid. Looks like it has changed a little bit, but it's mostly the same.