Saturday, April 12, 2014


After Laine's game we went to Station Park, an outdoor shopping mall. I love that somehow this snapshot captures this moment of happiness. Eric was off hiking in the Utah wilderness somewhere, Ridge was at a bbq at a friend's house, so the five of us went to dinner at Harmons (one of the nicest grocery stores you'll ever see). Laine is grinning at Massimo because he put his pencil behind his ear and insisted on carrying his notebook. Sommer's hair and her long stride. Laine in her purple soccer uniform. Cannon tagging along, content. 

Massi recharged his batteries between soccer games. There were three but he only went to two. What I loved though was that he played on the playground by himself during Cannon's morning game. I could see him but he had enough spirit of independence and understood that I needed to watch Cannon, so he set off on his own. We couldn't get to Ridge's first lacrosse game because it was too far away and I had to coach Sommer's game at the same time.

This is at the playground at Station Park. For some reason, Sommer looks happy to be buried in rubber "wood" chips. I didn't know what to think about this except that they were having fun so I let it be.

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Shannon said...

I love moments of spontaneous fun, too. Great captures - little every day joys are the things that are hardest to remember clearly when they are gone. I desperately wish that I was blogging when my kids were young.