Monday, April 07, 2014


Cannon played goalie for the first time on Saturday. He did a great job for never having played -- or practiced -- the position. He told the coach he wanted to try and the coach put him in. Today we went to the park to practice some goalie skills. Not that I'm an expert but I did play goalie for a couple years when I was little until I got too nervous to play the position. I hope the coach will give Cannon more opportunities to try because with his height he's got an advantage at covering the net. 

Our Saturdays are busy this spring with 3 soccer games and sometimes a lacrosse game as well. But it's good to have a busy season, we didn't play any winter sports this year. 

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Shannon said...

I am impressed with Cannon for jumping right in without practice! It sounds like you will definitely be a busy lady; hopefully the snow is done for the year. Spring sports shouldn't have to be played (or watched) in snow! :)