Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Broken arm club

Sommer joined Eric and Ridge in the broken arm club for our family. On Friday -- Valentine's Day -- she fell off the monkey bars. Usually she's an expert at them but it had been raining and her hand slipped off while she was going across and she landed hard, breaking both bones. The sad part is that the recess duty lady came over when she heard her crying, walked her to a bench and made her sit down for the rest of recess. She cried the whole time. Then she walked back into class crying. Even though it was time for all the Valentine's party fun she couldn't stop crying because it hurt so much. Her teacher sent her to the nurse who tried to help with an ice pack and then called me. Poor Sommer cried and cried, all afternoon, until we were able to see the Dr and get her arm splinted. At first, because sometimes I'm mom of the year, I was going to wait until morning because when I called for an appointment I was told that the X-ray techs were gone until midnight. But after her tears didn't stop I realized that I needed to get her in for pain management, even if they couldn't see the broken bones yet. And of course, since she is child #4 she also had to wait for me to pick up the kids from school and Ridge from jr. high. 
The next morning for her X-ray with Eric. The swelling had gone down enough for the Dr to put a cast on right away. Thankfully, the bones were only fractured and not out of alignment. She will probably only have to be in the cast for 4 weeks. Short for me, long for her since it is her left arm and she's a lefty. Those 1st grade spelling tests will take her a lot longer to spell out than usual. 
Yesterday, since we had the day off for President's Day, I took her to get a haircut. So this morning she went to school with a fresh cast and a fresh look, nervous but ready. 


kent said...

Your child broke her arm at school and instead of receiving the attention she needed (and deserved!) she was required to sit on a bench in pain while she cried and cried. This behavior by the school and treatment of your child by the school is outrageous. Sounds like you need to consult with an attorney.

Paige said...

I think I know a couple of attorneys but they practice out of state…

It was a substitute recess lady but still, anyone who has been around kids even a little bit can tell when the cry is genuine and when it is fake.

Shannon said...

I hope you filed a complaint against that recess lady! Joe had a HORRIBLE sub in grade school, and enough parents combined that the principal made a note in her permanent file and promised she would never teach in our district again.
Please tell Sommer that I love her pink cast, and the new 'do is darling!

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