Monday, February 03, 2014

Birthday party -- happy 9th!

Laine had a happy birthday! Laine requested a party with a Frozen theme. (We did our best.) First up at the party the girls tried to make sculptures out of colored ice blocks that we froze during the week. Fun idea but not as easy at it looks. 
Then the girls played Pictionary in the snow using water bottles filled with colored water. Also, not easy, but fun and it wasn't too cold outside. I think that Laine is showing off the castle she drew. 
Then the girls came inside and we had hot chocolate and made Olafs (the snowman from Frozen) out of clay. This activity, also not easy, was still fun for everyone. 

And here's how the cake turned out. Good thing Laine requested a layered, ice cream cake that looked like a mountain and not something fancier. With ice cream and lots of frosting, I was able to mend the horrible mess that I had made with the actual cake part and make it look like a mountain/tower of sorts. Oh, and lots of sparkly dusting sugar and turquoise sprinkles. 
Later that evening we took Laine to get her ears pierced! She's growing up to be such a lovely girl, inside and out.