Friday, January 24, 2014

Cake (not) Boss

Birthday party for laine this afternoon and I'm supposed to have an ice cream cake ready that looks like a mountain in frozen. I am failing. I said to Massi "what am I going to do?" He said, "Superman can fix it when he comes." Then "oh but he doesn't have tools." Is there a super baker that can come to the rescue? 
I realize now that I should have put the cake in the freezer first and I should have made it from scratch for better quality but  -- I'm not that baker mom. I'll think of something and cover it up with lots of frosting a sprinkles and call it good. At least mountains aren't symmetrical.

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Shannon said...

When Bronte was little, I was all excited to make her a homemade Barbie cake. I baked the cake in a bowl, thinking it would raise and come to mid thigh on Barbie, creating the base for a beautiful drop-waist gown. It ended up only coming to her knees... I covered it and the doll with frosting, and declared it a "mermaid gown." When Bronte saw it, she started tearing up and asking why I made her Barbie all messy! Sometimes, even the best made plans go awry. But we try... That has to count for something! ;)