Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nap time?

Massimo was excited to look at the toysrus ad that came in the mail today. When he saw an iron man mask he stopped turning the pages and started begging me for the mask. "Please can we get it now?" He's tired of my standard maybe-you'll-get-it-for-Christmas answer. I was using my computer and he sat next to me and cried and whined for the toy. I has to ignore him after telling him "not now" ten times. He leaned on my arm and his requests became less frequent and after a few more minutes he was asleep. I let him stay at the table long enough to take a picture then I moved him to the couch. He stirred as I transferred him and mumbled, "please mom now," as I put him down. Sweet boy. 
Ps-- he's been wearing his batman pjs since yesterday. 

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Shannon said...

This is just the sweetest post. I am sure it didn't seem very sweet when he was whining, but (as you know x4) this stage passes so quickly.