Saturday, December 14, 2013

Asthma again

Ridge spent most of the week home sick with a bad cough. I thought it was bronchitis until he started coughing so much he threwup and I realized he wasn't just sick, he was having asthma issues again. He hasn't had coughing fits like that since he was a little boy. 

It was one of those mother-of-the-year moments when hrs nurse took his O2 levels and he was at 93%. I should have taken him to the dr several dats before, I just thought he had grown out of asthma and didn't know and he didn't complain. The dr explained that asthma never goes away, once you've been diagnosed you're always an asthma kid even if you don't have to use the medicine anymore. Ridge hasn't used his puffer for a couple of years but this cough, along with extremely poor air quality and freezing temperatures made for a triple whammy on his lungs. Poor kid is doing so much better now that he has the right medicine. 

So now we know. 

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Shannon said...

Bronte had "athletic induced asthma" for about three years before we figured it out. Sometimes, you just don't know! I am glad Ridge is doing better now.