Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This was Halloween

Eric was pumpkin carving master as always. Cannon drew a minion face and helped figure out how to make it look just right. 
Sommer dressed as a cute Snow White, using a costume from the dress-up box. The kids wish I would spend more money on Halloween costumes. 
The superhero and the zombie. Cannon went out with a big group of friends and came home with real grass stains on his clothes. Massimo went up to about a dozen houses then when I told him to go to the next door for more candy he said "I already have candy." And he was done. 
The girls and I went out long enough for them to collect lots of treats and complain that their feet hurt. One of laine's friends came with us and we met up with one of sommer's friends for a little while. 
Ridge went to a friend's house as early as possible and wore a soccer jersey from uncle lance as his costume. He said they didn't trickortreat much but he had a lot of candy just the same. 

I'm glad it's over. 


Shannon said...

Figuring out costumes for three used to be quite a project, I am sure five is a challenge! Everyone looks great, and it sounds like there were plenty of treats all around. Take care of yourself, Paige.

Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

Everyone looks so cute. The pumpkin carving takes on a higher level when the artist, Eric, gets carving. And I like Mossi being satisfied with his idea of a lot of candy.