Monday, October 07, 2013

What's up around here...

 It's time to wear warmer jammies. Sommer is sad that her feetie jammies don't fit anymore (we had to cut  the feet off last year) and she's been lamenting the fact since Massimo started wearing his. I told her we'd find some eventually. For now she's wearing her old ones and reminding me daily that I need to look for new ones for her.
 Cannon made it a priority to figure out his Halloween costume as early as possible. He's going to be an army guy and so are a bunch of his friends. Watch out for this gang when they come to trick-or-treat.
 Who needs the playground when there's dirt nearby? The kids stayed after school one day for an art club. They were nervous about staying so I told them I'd come and wait on the playground with Massi while they were in their meeting. Unfortunately there were so many kids that wanted to participate in the art club that the girls were not able to join. So we're going to have our own little club at home.
 Massimo's favorite time of day lately is the 10 minutes we sit in the car and wait for Ridge to get out of school. He brings a few toys, gets out of his seat and plays in the car. Some days he asks me "Is it time to go get Ridge?" We drive a neighborhood girl home and if Ridge gets in the car first Massi asks, "Where's your Kenzie friend?"
 The girls have been rollerskating a lot with their friend from next door. They've figured out a game that they like to play and have spent a lot of time on their wheels. Laine borrows the neighbor's skates or rollerblades since her skates are Sommer's size now.

 Massi and I are back on our cookie baking schedule. He's a fun helper but his favorite part is still rinsing off in the sink and playing with the egg shells and dishes when we're done mixing.
 We had a visit from the cousins on Sunday. Massimo and Seth were good buddies this time. And practically twins in looks and how much chocolate milk they drink.
And speaking of twins, Katelyn and Laine are glasses twins now. Laine got glasses last week. Cute girls with their cute glasses.
Laine came home a couple of weeks ago and said that she didn't pass the eye exam at school. I asked her for more information about it and she told me they said "third graders are responsible enough to talk to their parents." So I called the school nurse who had no idea what was going on, said Laine's eyes are fine. This poor lady is the nurse for eight schools. Turns out a volunteer mother had checked Laine's eyes and told her to go to the Dr. She was right. Laine is near-sighted. I didn't know things were blurry and she didn't know any different so she hadn't said anything. At her exam she was excited that things looked clear from far away when she looked through the right prescription. And now she can see the board perfectly again.


Shannon said...

It sounds like you already have a good list of ideas for Christmas shopping! Laine looks pretty in her glasses 8)

Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

Whew! Everyone is so busy. Thanks for the update, your family looks so good to us.