Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The age I miss...

12-18 months. It's my favorite and I miss having a munchkin that size and age. They're just so sweet and fun and still babies but more independent and they try to say so many words but still babble, and they're chubby, and they're unsteady walkers trying so hard to keep up and so proud when they do. I know there are joys at every age but as far as baby ages go, this one is my favorite. 
So I'm posting old pictures for my sake. Walk down memory lane with me. :)
The picture above is Laine just shy of 12 months. 
 Cannon peeking at his new baby sister which means he's actually 19 months here. 
 Ridge holding Sommer when she was around 1. 
 Massi at 11 months holding onto my legs. 
Little Lainey, about 18 months. 


Shannon said...

I love that age too! None of our kids were sleeping through the night yet, and they all had severe separation anxiety, but I would go back in a heartbeat. At that age you can pull them onto your lap with a blanket an a story and make all of their problems go away. To feel a chubby hand clasping my finger as my little one walks, or smell slightly damp hair after bath time as he or she leans into my cheek... to play "itsy bitsy spider." I am afraid that I did not appreciate it as much as I should have.

Kim said...

I love kids at that age too. They make the cutest faces, they start discovering new things and I love their jabbering.