Monday, September 09, 2013

"sick" day

 Cannon came home sick last week. He wasn't really sick though. He's already having anxiety about school, feeling behind and embarrassed. It's going to be a tough school year for him but we'll work with him to get him caught up. It did him some good to come home, especially since his morning had been so horrible. He came to the park with Massimo and I on our way to get Ridge from school.
 Massi was in cape-wearing mood for most of the day. Even though Buzz Lightyear doesn't wear a cape, Massi usually imagines he's Buzz when he has his on. He shoves his fists in the air and yells, "to the rescue!"

Cannon has trouble in school but he doesn't have trouble being kind. If only he were graded on his personality along with the other things in school. He'd get an A+ in having a quick wit and being a loyal and caring friend. 


Shannon said...

It sounds like Cannon earns an A+ on his spiritual report card, and that is what matters the most. It is hard to see kids struggle, though. I will add him to my prayer list!

kelly said...

We miss Cannon! Always a sweetheart.