Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Just me and my two-year-old

 Last week I decided we needed to walk to the library, just me and Massimo. It was a warm, sunny morning and we had the rest of the day to get there and back. It was a nice change to go on toddler time and let him do the little things that he wanted to do, like try and throw rocks over the fence.
 The wagon was loaded up with our books, his bike, snacks, swimsuit and towel since there's a splashpad near the library. Sometimes Massi rode his bike, sometimes he chilled in the wagon.
 So. The splashpad doesn't open until noon. It was 11:20 when we got there. We took a little detour to Main Street and bought kid cones for our wait.
 We got back to the splashpad a few minutes before it turned on. Massimo had fun playing, then took a snack break, then we read his new books, then he played again.
And then we headed home. It sound kind of ideal, such a sweet morning, but the library is a lot farther away than I thought. Of course I've been there before, but I haven't walked. I'm still not sure the distance but it's at least two miles, not far but a little too far with a wagon as your transportation. And by this time of day it was over 90 degrees. I felt like Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility when she's saying to Margaret, "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?" And then it starts pouring on them and they're stuck in the storm. At the start of our walk I felt like it was the perfect day but by the end when I was sweating buckets and Massi was falling asleep in the wagon with the sun beating down on him it didn't feel so perfect. I called Eric to see if he could be my Willoughby and rescue me from my over-exuberance but he was looking at a job too far away. But we made it, it was an adventure, and we had the time, lots of time. He won't remember this day but I will and I'll choose to remember that it was happy. Just me and my two-year-old.


Shannon said...

You are a kind, generous Mom. And you will both remember, because you took time to blog about it!

mindy said...

I totally got a kick out of reading this post because Enzo and I had a day like that last week as well. I had to get some errands taken care of around my neighborhood and one took us about a mile away. By the time we were done I was wondering why I hadn't just thrown him in the car and gotten it all done quicker. The beautiful morning had breeze beguiled me.

kelly said...

Willoughby! <3
you're such a great mommy paige!
he will remember.

Ron said...

I love this entry.