Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recovering from vacation...

 Teacher lists were posted while we were gone at the Blaser family cabin last week. We walked and rode to school to see the lists. Laine's best friend isn't in her class but some other friends are so she's happy. Sommer knows a few kids but doesn't really have any close friends from school right now. As you can see, Cannon doesn't have any of his close friends in his class. That's what happens when there are 4 classes of your grade level. And he said that "the coolest boy won't even be at school anymore." Who was he talking about? His big brother. (So maybe Cannon doesn't mean it when he screams that he hates him.)
 Cannon and his friend from next door spent the morning yesterday working on army bases for the plastic green army men. Then they took my phone and documented their efforts. He should have taken a picture of his room since they tossed the mattress aside so they could use the bed platform for their base.
Took Ridge to the music store to rent his trombone for 7th grade band. He had a great time making horrible noises and trying to make his sisters deaf. Seriously, they were crying.

And I finished the laundry from the cabin trip.


Shannon said...

I remember hurrying up to the elementary school when class lists were posted - that is a VERY big deal! Sorry to hear Cannon doesn't have any of his good friends in his room; that makes for a hard first day.
Your comments about the trombone totally cracked me up! The first year Joe played saxophone, I was the only one who would stay in the room while he practiced. :)

Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

Such an exciting time of year, good and bad. Thanks for the update. Everyone looks wonderful to me.