Sunday, August 04, 2013

First biff

 This spring I bought Massimo a late Christmas present. Or maybe late birthday present. He loves his little scoot bike. He's so fast on it now, and so brave. He zips around the cul-de-sac like he owns it, like he's a big boy, like he's on his own little motorcycle.
A few days ago he had his first major fall. Our next door neighbors have a really steep and gravely driveway down into their backyard. He followed the girls over there and decided he wanted to race them down and took a major spill. Bloody elbow, knee and palm and a scraped up back. I think the scrapes weren't as scary to him as learning that he could fall and get hurt. He didn't seem to get that before. The next day he was back on his bike but I think he's a little more wary now.


Ron said...

It is so great that Massi goes so fast on his bike without fear and that he now has learned when to go a litter slower without a major mishap. What a great riding toy for a young child and to see him enjoying it so well and then getting back on after his fall.

Shannon said...

It is always sobering to realize one isn't invincible! Good for him for hopping right back on. And I am glad that you didn't have to purchase any more casts!