Sunday, August 04, 2013

Fashion Favorites Blaser Style

 End of the school year: Laine had Little House on the Prairie Day at school. Sommer had a My Little Pony shirt to wear and chose bright things to go with it. She's happy, I'm happy.
 Sommer likes to match colors and most of the time I just let her go with it.
 Ridge tossed this in the cart when we were at Target. Didn't even have to ask. How could we resist? Ridge loves it and not because the cast and shirt were complimentary colors.
 Decked out to head on pioneer trek with the church youth, everything he needed packed in his bucket.
 The t-shirt quilt made from shirts Cannon wouldn't let me give to the thrift store. He's my most sentimental child. It was a fun and easy project for him. He cut and sewed almost the entire quilt himself and chose the snazzy orange fleece backing. We started it at our house and finished it at grandma's house.
 The Superman shirt and his purple Neff hat -- staples in his wardrobe.
And here's Eric, car hero, fixing the fuel pump on our suburban. Our car died a couple of weeks ago right before we got to his parent's house for a family bbq. Not good to have car problems but there were blessings about it. First, we were off the freeway and had just picked up Eric from the train station. (We had spent the day swimming with friends and were already halfway there.) We were only a mile or two from the Blaser's house, near an empty lot that I was able to pull into. Eric fixed the fuel pump on his car last year so this time it was an "easy" fix. Anyone else need their fuel pump replaced?

The fashion part of this? He's wearing a work shirt for the job he gets paid for. He is working, after all. Why change?


Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

Thanks for the wonderful family updates. What a great summer you are all having. We love to see the pictures of all the fun.

Shannon said...

This is a great post - I wish I had more photos of the special outfits my kids wore! And I am super impressed with that t-shirt quilt... you won't have to worry about him not knowing how to sew when he is on his mission.