Sunday, August 04, 2013

Almost 6!

 There's such a difference between a birthday party for a 10-year-old boy and 9 of his friends compared to a 6-year-old girl and 4 of her friends plus her big sister.

We had a birthday celebration for Sommer on Friday. The girls colored unicorn horns for pin-tail-on-the-unicorn. (Actually, I was informed it was an alicorn because our drawing had wings. I think this is a fact they learned from My Little Pony.)
 Laine was the planner and helped for the big event. I wasn't planning on a birthday party for Sommer because on her real birthday we'll be at the Blaser family cabin. How not-thoughtful is that? I'm glad the girls thought of the party themselves and planned it together. A couple of weeks ago they brought me a guest list and a list with three columns of the food, games, and activities they had in mind. They helped make invitations with lots of glitter and stamps, delivered them to the neighbor girls and helped roll and cut the sugar cookies.
 A tea party was on the list. After we decorated sugar cookies the girls had their party so they could eat as many cookies as possible with their chocolate milk made in tiny cups.
 And after a tea party with lots of sugar the best thing to do is play a rousing game of red light/green light in the backyard to spend some of that energy. (Also on the list.) Massimo and his friend from next door joined in the game.
Presents! Then play time. The girls all played together long after the party ended, first here then at the neighbor's house. Such a sweet day.
And since the girls left their mess behind the clean-up crew came over and "tidied" things up for me. Yes, Massimo is eating yellow frosting from the bowl with a plastic knife. Later he brought the bowl of purple frosting out to the porch. I didn't stop him.