Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2nd Day

 Made it out the door in time to walk again. That's a good feeling. Little speedy on his bike has learned to stop and wait every once in a while. I pulled the wagon in case he got tired on the way home.
He did.
 This morning was an easy one, the kids were ready to face another day of school though Laine was a bit worried about a "test" on the names of kids in their class. She's a worrier.
(If she could just pass some of that along to her brother.)
Last night at tuck-in time, Laine was worried about Sommer. Turns out she ate lunch by herself. Not really by herself because their class is assigned to sit at certain tables in the lunch room and she just sat down and ate her food then went out to play. Laine's concern was that Sommer would sit by herself all year. When Sommer was telling Eric about her day she wasn't worried about sitting alone, more just resigned to school lunch. To help the girls feel better I promised that Massimo and I would meet Sommer for lunch today. We sat by her at her table, Massi got a lot of attention since he insisted on wearing this Ironman costume he borrowed from the neighbors yesterday. There were five girls across from Sommer and they all seemed to know each other from last year. I opened a milk carton for one and a Creamie for another and found out the names of two of the girls but Sommer was shy about talking to them. Sommer hasn't made friends her age yet but I know it will come. She just loves her big sister and our next-door-neighbor (2nd grader) so much she doesn't feel like she needs other friends. And last night as Laine was crying out her worries she said that she missed Sommer so much yesterday and wished that they could be twins so that they could be together at school. Melts a mom's heart.
(Again, wish I could transfer some of this to the boys.)