Wednesday, July 24, 2013

two parades

 4th of July we had a prime spot along the parade route in our city. Eric and Ridge went and set out blankets at midnight on July 3rd so we'd have front row seats to our hometown parade. We had guests after all, my brother Kent and his wife and two kids, my brother Lance and my sister Lindsey. We wanted to show them a good time.
 Here's what happened. About 15 minutes before the parade was supposed to start people started standing -- in front of us. People who hadn't saved places, just got there and for some reason felt that it was okay to stand for the entire parade, in front of people who were there first and were sitting. That guy in the plaid shorts? He didn't budge from that spot the entire time. Was there with his wife and three kids. The boys took their chairs to the white line and sat there. Nellie (my SIL) is standing behind them with baby Calvin to catch a glimpse of what was happening along the parade route.

The standers were so ridiculous that at one point they were on the yellow line in the middle of the road. Seriously. For what? Taffy? Because that's the main thing that people throw to the sidelines. Then the Taco Time float drove by and people went berserk because they were throwing those mardi gras necklaces in red, silver and blue. I can't imagine the stampede there would have been if something of actual value were thrown.
 So the main parade was a bust. But the water parade was awesome. After the main parade, those who don't want to get wet clear out because a few massive machines and a few everyday folks with trucks drive down the street and douse everything in sight. It was hot by the time the parade ended around 1pm, so much so that Massimo was limp in my arms. I stood back with him from the front lines and watched and got a little splashed to cool us down but then an arch of water from a truck that had already passed us by came in our direction. We were directly under it's downpour and got completely soaked. Poor baby Calvin was sitting in his stroller and got doused too, scared him so bad. It was just was Massi needed. After that he perked up and was a very happy camper. We all felt better after getting soaked.

Also, a girl ran over to me from the middle of the street and dumped a small bucket of water on my head. I have no idea who she was. Must have been a dare. I laughed so hard I was crying. I felt like I was a very unlikely person to choose, a mom holding a small kid, didn't even think I'd be part of the water fight going on during the water parade. Now I know better: no one is exempt.
 We stopped for snow cones and let the kids play on the inflatable bounce houses. Massimo and Win had fun together. Little buddies, almost twins.