Monday, June 24, 2013

Cannon's 10th

Cannon woke up in the middle of the night, as excited as if it were Christmas, and couldn't go back to sleep the morning of his birthday. He spent half the night sleeping on the couch but I heard him get up to check the clock a couple of times before 7:30 (the time we decided he could open his presents).

Cannon's birthday often turns into a major production. He loves his special day, we all do, but Cannon loves birthdays a lot. Before school got out he planned his air-soft gun party then made and handed out invitations. That was over two weeks before the actual party day, his birthday. Eric and I were worried that the boys wouldn't remember and we hoped that at least three would show up besides the two neighborhood boys we knew were coming. Cannon was never worried though. I should have guessed that the boys he invited would remember because Cannon is a great friend, a really kind and loving kid. Nine of the thirteen boys invited came and made for a crazy, fun couple of hours.
 Here's Eric demonstrating how to go through the obstacle course.
 Cannon running across the balance beam while avoiding the sprinklers.
 Cannon running to the trampoline to do his barrel rolls after he army-crawled under the wood slats.
 Cannon high-stepping through the slats.
 Cannon shooting the alien. We timed all the boys as they went through the obstacle course. I can't remember the winner but they all went through it a couple of times. Later in the evening there was an air-soft gun war: soldiers vs. aliens. I think we'll be finding those little bb things around the yard forever.
To make things simple, we served ice cream sundaes. Perfect for a summer evening and a favorite treat of Cannon's -- one of the best boys ever.