Friday, June 07, 2013

Utah Tourists: Moab!

Moab! What a gorgeous, other-worldly place! Eric booked a weekend trip for the two of us. Kind of a birthday present for me, but really a much needed getaway. His parents kept the kids (thanks Ed and Lynne!) and we drove down south. We had to stop at CostCo first for the new Dan Brown book so I could read it aloud on the way down. We haven't done that in ages! 
 We hiked the Fisher Towers Trail on day 1. What an amazing walk, up close through red rock towers. At the halfway point, if you don't want to go further, there's a great view of The Titan. Eric didn't stay around long though for others to take his picture.
 We hiked on to the end, just 2.2 miles in, so we could see the panoramic views for ourselves. When we got to the end there were a few people resting but after a bit they left and it felt like we were alone in the world excepts for the birds darting around us.
 Eric checking out the map while I'm at the Trail End sign taking a self portrait and a picture of the view.

 We stayed at a wonderful B&B, not in a tent. Thank you husband! Castle Valley Inn is somewhere I'd like to visit again. I'd recommend it to anyone, everyone. We loved that it is in Castle Valley, not in the heart of Moab city, so it felt quiet and remote and away from the tourist traffic. We didn't have enough time to rest in the hammocks they have waiting under the orchard trees. We need to go back so we can do that. Picture above is Castle Valley, a gem of green nestled in the towers of rocks. The food was outstanding and plated beautifully. Colorado quiche one day, french toast the next, no pictures. We left the table feeling full and ready to hike. And the proprietors are a charming couple who I wish were my friends!
 Hike on day 2: Negro Bill's Canyon. That's really the name. Totally different from the rocky heights of the day before but just as amazing. This hike follows a stream then dead ends in a cove spanned overhead by a natural arch.
A handsome hiking buddy made the day even better.