Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Utah tourists: Alpine Slides

 Park City's Alpine Slides are so fun! I remember riding them with cousins when I was little. (Eric had never been.) As you can see by the photo above, Laine was super excited to ride on them. She was petrified of the entire experience. Somehow, taking a ride down one of the world's longest slides didn't sound fun to her, just horribly scary. We kept telling her that after it was over she would wish she could go again -- and we were right. But it wouldn't be a family outing without some drama. Thankfully, that was the most of it.
 The chair-lift ride to the top is just as fun as the slide. We all loved the quiet and peaceful journey up the mountain. I love how bright Massi's little head of hair looked from our perspective.

 Lugging the sleds to the slide. Ridge didn't use his breaks the entire time. Eric took Massi. Once Massimo figured out what was happening he whooped and cheered the rest of the way down. I took Sommer. We went "medium-slow" and had a great trip. Laine would not go on her own so Cannon offered to ride with her. When we mounted our sleds and were getting our instructions from the go-lady at the top she paused mid-sentence and said, pointing to Cannon and Laine, "she is way too tall to be riding with him." Then she made Laine get off and go get measured and announced that Laine would have to go back and get a sled and ride alone. So I got off my sled and said something like, "she's terrified, that's why she's riding with him." The go-lady decided that she'd let them slide down together but next time...
If only the Alpine Slide tickets were for more than one trip. Our next time would have been immediately after. But they aren't. Just one ride. At least it's a fun one!