Sunday, June 16, 2013

He's a great dad

 Father's Day was low-key, no giant bbq's or new lawn mowers, but we tried to make Eric feel special. He really is a great dad. Works hard for our family, plays hard, loves us with all his heart. We're so blessed by all he does.

 Sommer was having a hard morning and was trying really hard not to cry anymore for her picture. She did all right.
 And Massimo's life wouldn't be complete without his sippy cup of chocolate milk. We really need to get him off the stuff but it just makes life easier when he has his favorite drink in his Toy Story cup.
(Note to self: this is not a good outfit.) I tried a new ribs recipe for dinner and didn't make enough of the finger-licking delicious stuff. Now I know better.
 Love you E.

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Shannon said...

I love the idea of individual father/child shots! And I think your outfit is adorable. :)