Thursday, June 06, 2013

Breakfast at Denny's

Memorial Day breakfast: location Denny's. 
 Ridge explaining to us why eating a bacon burger for breakfast is the same as eating breakfast food. I think in this case, he's right. But when you're out to breakfast, who cares? And note that he scooped the whipped cream off his hot chocolate and gave it to Cannon. 
 Laine had a rough morning. She stuck her straw into her hot chocolate and drank up as soon as it came and burnt her tongue. All that whipped cream piled high in her cup made it too hard to resist. 
 Massimo -- happy that he has a cup of chocolate milk. 
 Sommer eating the whipped cream off her hot chocolate before it melts. 
(And no, it wasn't cold outside.)
 Cannon stealing whipped cream from Eric's cup even though he has a cup full of his own. 
I wanted to pose with the "OJ makes your day" sign. 
Eric always makes the day more fun. Like going to breakfast. Not what I had in mind and not at Denny's, but it was a fun way to start our day. Something different. It's just hard to go out to breakfast when I compare it to Chinooks in Seattle. Now that was breakfast. A destination, warm scones with orange butter to eat while waiting, real hot chocolate. I'm sure there are neat places around Salt Lake, probably even around Kaysville, to eat breakfast, maybe not as cool as Chinooks, but much better than Denny's. Still, Denny's with a family is a great place to go. Even better when an entire soccer team and their parents fill in the dining room around you. Maybe I should make a summer goal of finding a destination breakfast local in Salt Lake. Now that would add some delicious excitement to summer.