Saturday, May 18, 2013


We make cookies a lot around here. As you can see, Massimo likes to turn on the mixer himself these days. He thought he was pretty funny. So did Sommer who actually wasn't spattered with flour by the mixer, she just put it on her face so she could be funny too.

Sometimes messes like this stress me out instead of bringing me joy. I feel like I used to be more easy going about messes, especially ones that involved crafting and cooking and I had more fun with the kids doing stuff like that. This day I laughed along with them, got them in the tub and got all those cookies baked in time for after school snacks.

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Shannon said...

You are a much more generous mom than I am; my kids were limited to pouring ingredients out of measuring cups! I definitely do not like messes (not that you'd know, looking at my house right now, ha)