Saturday, May 18, 2013

Annual Mother's Day pics

 Nothing says Mother's Day like a break in a sewer line. Thankfully, our house wasn't one that was flooded but a ward member's was. Eric left church to go help since his company specializes in clean ups like that (though this wasn't a job for them) and came back just in time for pictures. He wouldn't touch any of us until he showered so this year we're leaning close together like a couple of missionaries.
 Ridge, matched his tie to my shirt. I love it that he'll wear pink! 
 Cannon pulled me close for our picture together.
 I have the best mom ever! 
 Sweet Laine wanted her hair in Princess Leia braided buns. She looked cute. 
And my Sommer, still toothless. 

And I"m writing these thoughts in small font because no one needs to read them. I'm just journaling. I tried my best not to let the mother guilt get to me. I had a twinge of it when I read Laine's card/book that she made in class. She said under the mom likes section: "my mom likes it when we do what she says." Seemed like she had trouble thinking of fun mom things. But her card was so sweet and so thoughtful. I'd be lying to say that I'm not reading a lot into that. I was thinking today as I was doing laundry "why can't I just think like a dad?" Dads get cards that say "you're awesome! and you're my hero!" And they totally believe it. And they should. So why are moms so hard on themselves? There are no perfect parents. My kids are healthy and happy and they do great at school.They fight and have no idea how to thoroughly clean the bathrooms or their rooms but they do their chores, sometimes without complaint but mostly with complaints, but they do them. They're turning out ok so we must be doing something right. 


mindy said...

You look beautiful and so do all the kids. Ridge seems to have gotten so much older since the last time I saw him. (it's been too long) You are a great mom. I've always admired how fun you are with your kids and allowing them to experience life more to the fullest. Example: the cookie making fun featured in the post below this one. Happy (late) Mother's Day.

Shannon said...

You are so beautiful, Paige - inside and out. I wish I could come visit and help you chase away the negative nellies; we need to get you a good weapon, because when they are ready to graduate, you won't have to read into anything - they will flat out tell you all the things you are doing wrong! Motherhood is not for the weak hearted ;)