Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Thaw

 I thought the snow would be on the ground until April. Thankfully, it's almost all melted. That makes for lots of mud and lots of puddles. Can any kid resist a good puddle to jump in? Mine can't these days. And the boys always seem to have wet shoes from playing on the fields. It must be so uncomfortable but they don't seem to mind.

 Last week Massi and Sommer were outside together. I went out to tell them it was time to get the kids from school and I found them both as muddy as can be. This was a Tuesday. Tuesday I have scouts with Cannon half hour after school gets out. This particular Tuesday we had a field trip to the police station scheduled. Of course we did because that's why they got so muddy, only on a day when I have somewhere I have to be. The older kids have been walking home from school but I was picking them up because we had to leave early for scouts. I told Massi and Sommer to stay in the backyard together for a few minutes until I got back with the other kids. They happily obliged and got even muddier. Then there was the necessary cleanup before I had to leave. Ridge was all set to be in charge but this mess was more than he could handle. So muddy clothes were peeled off and muddy kids were thrown into the bath and doused with water. Also, because it was Tuesday and I was in a hurry, Massi had a messy diaper and a sudden diaper rash flare-up. It was only a crazy twenty minutes and we got to the police station right on schedule.
 The day turned cloudy and chilly while we were at the park but that didn't stop the kids from getting soaked.
 Massi missed his nap on park day but couldn't stay awake until bedtime. Those puddles wear a little guy out!