Sunday, March 24, 2013

our week

 Sommer decided it was time for a haircut. Makes me want to freshen up my look. Her hair goal a few months ago was to grow it so long it went all the way down her back, like a girl she saw in a Barney movie. I'm glad she decided to cut it because she looks and feels darling with her new-do.
Two weeks ago it was warm enough to walk home from school and Massi and I had lots of muddy adventures trekking across the field to get Sommer. (This is right before the haircut.) I also tried to avoid stepping on goose and vole droppings and get Massi to do the same. Didn't work so well. The weather warmed up enough that the geese went away, thank goodness.
 This week turned cold again, just in time for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. So we bundled up, though Cannon still wore shorts, and headed to a field behind someone's house in hopes of finding the gold or silver eggs full of loose change. The kids weren't the lucky money finders but they all got plenty of candy. Massi didn't quite know what to think until Eric opened an egg and showed him it was full of candy then he was good to go.

Laine was crying before bed on Monday night because she didn't want to go to school the next day. Why? "None of my friends are going to be there." When I asked her where they were going she explained that their moms wouldn't make them go to school and I was making her go so she'd be the only one there. The real reason she didn't want to go to school was because of P.E. Really! They are doing tennis right now and Laine doesn't like it and her friends don't either. So they all decided they would convince their parents to let them stay home so they could get out of PE. To her credit, it did sound kind of torturous -- the kids stand in two lines and one person hits the ball over the net then the next person has to hit it back. If you miss or hit it into the net then you're out. So Laine was sitting on the side for most of PE and hating that she didn't get to participate and that she was so bad at tennis. I think they need to revise their lesson plans by grade. It ended up that PE was as awful as she expected it to be but her friends were there too. Imagine that!
 Saturday evening we celebrated Grandma Bs 60th birthday. Eric's sister organized a wonderful party and evening of tribute to this great lady who is grandma, mom and friend to us. We were in charge of the jellybean table since that's Lynne's favorite candy. Our games were, guess the jelly belly flavor, guess how many jelly beans are in the jar (cousin Anna guessed closest to 602 -- Eric was a little irked that I made him actually count), and a flip a marshmallow with a spoon into an egg carton filled with jellybeans. If your marshmallow landed in an egg cup then you got to eat those jellybeans. There were crushed and smashed marshmallows and candy all around our little table.
 Each family was also in charge of brining a cake so there were 6 cakes each with 10 candles. (Mine was the least professional looking of the group. I'm okay with that.) The toasted coconut cake was my favorite -- gorgeous and delicious and something I just don't make for myself.
 Uncle Corey's princess castle cake for his little girl who shares a birthday with grandma was an incredible feat of cake engineering. Cannon told me today that he wanted to make a cake and practice decorating it like Uncle Corey he was so inspired by how cool it was. I burst his bubble and told him we didn't have the stuff for it but I promised we'd have a cake decorating activity for family night soon. Unfortunately, I'll be the teacher instead of Corey so I'm not sure we'll learn much but I am sure we'll make a huge mess.
 Massi asked me to take a picture of the candy in his mouth, then of course he wanted to see what he looked like. When I showed him he looked kind of startled then he laughed.
Ridge went on a campout to Goblin Valley. He had a great time collecting geodes, hiking and messing around with the other boys but he was freezing. He said he wore gloves and a hat to bed but still woke up around 4am freezing cold. The adventures on the drive down included a flat tire on the camper and leaving a boy at a gas station -- not Ridge. Gotta love scouts.


Kim said...

What fun family activities. Summer looks so darling with her new haircut and Massi is such a cute little boy. He reminds me of my 2 year old nephew.

Shannon said...

Haircuts always make kids look older. :) All of the cakes look delicious, what a fun birthday! I am not sure I would be too excited to send one of my boys on any more scout expeditions if they were left behind... what if it had been in the woods? Kurt always says "there is a reason moms don't go on scout outings!" ha

Kathi said...

Love your sweet family Paige. Can't wait till 2015 when I hopefully get to see you all at our Seminary reunion!

Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

This was a fun blog to read because it is so full of the everyday things that we miss. Keep them coming.