Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bacon gets a boy going

A few weeks ago I bought a giant pack of pre-cooked bacon from Sam's Club. It disappeared in less than a week thanks to a 12 year-old boy. Bacon makes him want to get up earlier, even with the time change. He asks Eric to wake him up early so he can get up and eat breakfast -- toast and bacon -- before the rest of us are awake. I think Ridge enjoys his dad's company but he enjoys the bacon more.

Ridge and his friends have started making their forts in the empty lot again since the snow has melted. In the picture above he's taking a minute to tell Massi about his tools before he heads out to build, ride bikes and get scraped up legs. After school one day, I came into the kitchen to find Ridge stuffing several pieces of bacon into his pocket, carefully wrapped in a paper towel then a baggie. I interrupted him and asked what he was doing with all that meat, feeding stray dogs? No, he's sharing with his friends once he gets to the field. I finally had to limit his consumption of bacon pieces per day since he was snacking on it so much and because he was making it so often the smell of bacon never left our house, not that it's a bad smell, just not an all-the-time smell. I bought another package this weekend at CostCo (I bought a membership from someone at church for cheap) and Ridge asked me to please buy the other brand next time because this kind has more hickory flavor. Now he's a bacon connoisseur. Maybe someday he'll be Top Chef.


Shannon said...

Bacon motivates Paul, too :)

Ron and Shanon Sommer said...

When he was at our home last I suspected a bacon fetish. Maybe bacon is the new spinach for making strong,healthy boys!