Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Laine's big week

Laine's 8th birthday was last week. We had a fun day celebrating. She got a horse for her American girl doll. Massi promptly tried to ride it. We caught him a few times in Laine's room sitting on the new pony and saying "Go Bullseye!" Laine picked out a new outfit from Target the night before her birthday: shiny pink pants and a tunic top to go with it. I thought that she didn't really like pink anymore but I was wrong. I think the shiny pants were too much bling to resist.

Instead of a party we did a birthday outing with a best friend from school. I took the girls, including Sommer, to the mall and they shopped at Claire's for makeup and hair accessories. Then after playing at the mall playground and eating ice creams ---

We came back to our house for makeovers and playtime! Aren't they gorgeous?!

In the afternoon there was a surprise visit from Grandma B and a favorite cousin. More makeovers and Laine tried on her lovely baptism dress that grandma had made for her. Later, after Ridge's basketball game, we had cake and watched a movie together.

But the most important and special part of turning eight happened a week after her birthday. Laine chose to be baptized. It was a lovely baptismal service and there was such a sweet spirit there even though it was noisy with kids! All of Laine's Blaser cousins made the drive north to be there for her special day. She and another girl were baptized. When Laine came out of the water she looked up at her dad with the most expectant, joyous smile. It was so beautifully sweet. I hope I never forget that precious moment.


Kim said...

What a special and joyful time in Laine's life. I'm sure she will never forget it.

Shannon said...

Congratulations to Laine, and happy birthday! It sounds like she had a perfect celebration. How special to have a dress made just for her by her Grandma!