Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There and back: to California

As I wrote this blog post title the word "California" suddenly sounded wrong to me, like it wasn't a real name. I had to pause and say it out loud to make sure it was right. Maybe because we went from this:

To this:

In the space of 12 hours.
It was much too little time spent in the warm sunshine but I'm glad we went.

My parents spoke in church on Sunday, their farewell talks before leaving for their mission to Portugal in just a few more weeks. They both gave excellent remarks. It is inspiring to see them so excited to serve a mission. As their children we're all very proud of them and happy to see them off even though we'll miss them so much.

(Now we're back to piles of snow and freezing temps. I miss California already.)

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Shannon said...

Congratulations to your parents - that is exciting and inspiring! And that sunny beach does look like something out of a dream...

ps no fiance - yet ;)

Lark said...

Me too. I miss all of it.