Friday, January 11, 2013

A snow storm

We told the kids they don't cancel school in Utah because of snow.

We were wrong.

Eric shoveled the driveway three times between Thursday at 5pm and Friday at 9am.

Massimo didn't enjoy the snow because it was "too deep." Up to his hips made it hard for walking.

Cannon lasted the longest outside. He's a trouper.

Sommer calling "wait for me!" to Laine and their friend. It was deep for her too.

I made it outside after getting everyone outfitted. I wasn't out there long because everyone was ready to come in by then.


Kim said...

What a fun snow storm. I wish we would get a lot up here because I love playing in the snow. I can spend hours out there.

Shannon said...

That is a doozy! I remember the days of bundling/un-bundling... kind of like going to the pool. It takes more time to get all of the little people outfitted and un-outfitted than you spend in the snow or water! :)

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