Friday, December 28, 2012

A snowy birthday

Massimo played in the fresh snow on the morning of his second birthday.

He helped make his birthday cake.

Sometime during the day he lost his pants. (But who needs pants when you're two?)
And he got a drill all his own so he doesn't have to use Eric's anymore.
Massimo's life: He loves playing cars and watching Cars. He brings a few cars downstairs and races them on the bench. It's the perfect height for him right now. He runs around the house saying "to infinity and beyond!" pointing one fist up to the sky. Which leads to another show that he loves: Toy Story 2. When it starts he says, "here comes Buzz!" Good thing we kept Cannon's Buzz Lightyear toy because Massi plays with it more than Cannon ever did. Massimo also likes to play trains. His favorite Thomas train is Diesel (the black one, not Diesel 10). He rarely eats dinner though he comes to the table every night, then he leaves and usually comes back with a few cars so he'll eat a couple bites then play, then run off again. He loves to make cookies with me because he likes to try the batter, turn on the mixer, help scoop in the sugar, then wash his hands which turns into playing-in-the-water-at-the-sink time. His favorite food is chocolate milk. We love him lots.

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