Friday, November 09, 2012

October: Snow and leaves

 Massimo calls snow "snowman!" and he was so excited to walk around outside -- in his pjs.
 Sommer and I tried our best to make a snowman. Looks more like a snow blob. The snow didn't stay long.
 Here are the best leaf stompers around. (They were in the trash can together.) I won't pretend it doesn't gross me out to put them in there but they love it. And this trash can was empty of trash, just full of leaves. I kept raking and raking, pouring leaves on top of them, but the trash can never seemed to get full.
 After standing barefoot in the trash can for a while it's good to come in and have a foot bath.

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Shannon said...

You've had quite a variety of weather already.

And you are SERIOUSLY the nicest mom ever.