Thursday, October 04, 2012

Different "houses"

The girls have been building Fairy houses in the front yard this week. The falling flowers from the lavender bushes inspired them and they've spent lots of time making little beds and rooms.

Ridge and his friends alternate between building forts and riding bikes. Last week we drove by the vacant lot and saw the fort for ourselves. At first he only wanted Eric to get out and see but then he said we all could have a tour. This go around they've all built their own forts so the lot looks kind of like a homeless camp. He's putting those scout skills to work.

When walk to get Sommer after school we cut through a couple backyards and across a field to get there. Our next door neighbors have horses and sometimes we bring carrots and apples for them. Massi hit one horse in the face today when he chucked an apple through the fence. Poor horsey.

Here's the view when we cross the field, looking back. Idyllic isn't it?

But so is this:

Ridge, November 2001.

The world is full of beauty and wonders everywhere.

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Kim said...

It's fun to see your children enjoying being a kid.

That fort looks like a lot of fun to play in. Reminds me of the good times I had playing in the forts my brothers and cousins made.

Massimo is such a cute little boy. I bet his smile melts your heart.

Shannon said...

Life is good. Thanks for the reminders. :)