Wednesday, August 15, 2012

cabin fun

 Our trip to the Blaser family cabin was adventurous, fun and tiring. Everyone came home happy and exhausted. The boys got a lot better at riding motorcycles. Massimo fell asleep on a few rides. His day wasn't complete without a ride with dad. I wanted to learn how to ride this trip but never got the chance. Maybe next time.
 Everyone spent lots of time on the tire swing.
 We had a fun trip to Red Fish Lake one day. Renting paddle boats was a highlight. Eric took his boat out into the deeper waters and the kids with him took turns diving off, even with the boat at a precarious tilt. (Massi wasn't with them at that time.)
 Red Fish is fun because the water is clean and only 2-3 feet deep until after you get past the dock. It must be man made. It is so much better than stepping into slimy lake water.
 Or pond water. The kids didn't mind playing in the pond and getting very muddy making new water routes around the pond. Eric took them to the hot springs a couple of times after playing in the pond since they were slimy with mud.
 Ridge by the pond, taking a quiet moment to read an ancient copy of Reader's Digest.
 Eric and Chad worked on building a new table. Turned out to be too big for the cabin so we are going to be the happy owners of a huge farmhouse table very soon. (More to come on that project.)
 Jack and Cannon having fun by the pond, early in the morning.
Chloe and Sommer on the teeter-totter of death. All the kids love this thing but someone is always crying after 5 minutes of riding it. Massi limped around for a couple of days after getting his foot smashed underneath one end. Still, we couldn't keep the kids off of it. Too much old-school fun.