Monday, August 13, 2012

5 years old!

Hooray! Opening presents first thing in the morning is so much fun! Feetie-jammies are the best, even in the summer. I'll be very sad when my cupcake jammies don't fit anymore.

Barbie I-can-be-a-doctor set! Just what I wanted! It's been on my list for months and months!

Lala Loopsy! Now Laine and I have another doll to play with. We'll make the best set-ups together!

I didn't want cupcakes, I wanted sugar cookies. I asked mom for this birthday treat months ago. I love to make sugar cookies with her. I helped her roll out the dough and frost them, the other kids helped too, but we didn't help with the special ones that said my name and happy birthday. Those ones mom made by herself late at night.

I'm so happy to be 5! I'm a sweet girl and I love to play with Laine. She is my best sister and I love her so much. I also like to play board games with mom and do puzzles. I suck on my hair a lot right now, that's why mom put my hair back in braids for my birthday time with the cousins. I just like to have my hair in my mouth, I don't know why. Ridge always tells me to spit it out. My next big step is kindergarten! I turned 5 just in time.


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

So adorable!

Shannon said...

Looks like a PERFECT birthday! :)