Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Super Thursdays

This spring our Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays have been full of activity, sometimes too much activity.

Cannon and Ridge have been playing lacrosse. I love watching them play, it is such an exciting game. I really hope one of them sticks with it, or maybe Massimo will take it up later. But the game schedules have made for some crazy days. Eric has been the assistant coach for Cannon's team, not because he knows what he is doing but because he was willing to help, so he has had to be at all of Cannon's games and practices. This has worked out in general but since he commutes for an hour, more with traffic, everyday, I usually have to get Cannon to where he's supposed to be then take care of Ridge's games.

Let's just revisit a Thursday in April. Cannon had a game at 5:30 so he had to be there at 5. Ridge had a game at 6:30, be there at 6. And Laine had her 1st grade performance at 6:30. But here's the crazy part. I left Ridge, Laine, Sommer and Massimo home while I drove Cannon to his game, a 15 minute drive one-way. As I was dropping him off he realized that he forgot his helmet and his cup. Necessities for the game. So I went home got the things and went back. I had it all planned that we'd have grilled cheese, french fries and apples for a quick dinner before Laine's performance. I put the fries in the oven and set the timer before I left the first time so they'd be ready when I got home. They were ready but since I had to rush off again dinner was cancelled.

I gave Cannon his things, drove home, got the other kids in the car, dropped Laine off at school, dropped Ridge off at his game and he realized he forgot his stick. So. Drive home again, get the stick, drop Ridge off, drive like a madwoman over to the elementary school, run into the school as fast as possible with baby in arms and 4-year-old in tow so that I could see the last half of Laine's patriotic performance.

Thank goodness Eric's mom was able to help. She got to Ridge's game just after I dropped him off and was able to bring Ridge home for me so we didn't have to rush back to the field after the performance. And it wasn't easy for her to find him since she had never met the coach before and all the boys look the same out on the field with their helmets on.

Eric and Cannon went straight from the game to Cannon's Pack Meeting.

Last Thursday Ridge had a game in Salt Lake. We had to leave right after school to get there. The girls didn't want to come, neither did Cannon, so I let them stay home because Eric was going to get back about an hour after I left to take Cannon to practice. Well, Eric's car broke down on the way home. The kids at home weren't worried at all though. I was panicked for them though. We got in touch with Eric's mom, lifesaver again, and she was just leaving work so she went to our house instead of hers and got Cannon to his practice then we all met up at the mechanic's where Eric was waiting after the tow truck dropped him off. We ate dinner at a greasy diner next door to the mechanics.

(The fuel pump on Eric's truck went out and they wanted a lot of money to fix it. Since we just put a lot of money into repairs for my car so I could finally get it registered with Utah plates, he decided to fix it himself. He spent all day Saturday under his truck, except for the 2 hour break to get Cannon to his game.)

Thursday Ridge has his school wax museum project at 12:30. (More on that after the event.) Cannon has a game at 6, pack meeting at 7. Ridge has a game at 6, different field than Cannon.

This coming Saturday we have gymnastics recitals for the girls at 9:30 and 1:30. Ridge has a campout Friday to Saturday and two lacrosse games in Ogden, a town an hour away, at 11:30 and 12:30. Cannon also has a double-header in Ogden with games at 1:30 and 2:30. At least they are in the same city.

Come next week it will all be over. Then what will we do with our Thursdays?


Heidi Davies said...

I SOOO don't look forward to those kinds of days. I get tired just taking Athen and Carly to the same park at the same time two days a week for soccer and cheer. I guess I need to get used to it, though.

sheena said...

that made me tired just reading it. Wow!

Kathi said...

That is a lot Paige. I feel for you.
A couple of thoughts raced in my head as I read this...

1. The days are long but the years are short. (I know, kinda cheesy but I try to remember it when Im nutso)

2. At what age did your kids start staying home alone? Around here, there is some serious eye rolling to leave your kids alone if they are under 12. And that's just them alone. Someone would call the cops if you left a 12 year old home alone with younger siblings. I was gonna start leaving my Sydney home while I take Jack to swim this summer. It's only a 1/2 hour but I still was hit with resistance when I mentioned it to friends. What age did you start the kids?

3. What about homework? We're doing like 3 to 4 hours a night for Sydney's 7 subjects. Everything but youth group and Girl Scouts has been tabled this academic year because of it. How are you fitting in the studying of Ancient Civ and Algebra? I would love to know your tricks and tips.

4. Praying that summer arrives soon for you and your days are filled with more bonfires and less carpooling! xoxo

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I'm exhausted just reading this schedule!

Shannon said...

I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a giant hug! Do you wear an apron? Because I think you should tie it on backwards, around your neck. You, my friend, deserve a CAPE! (SuperMom!!!)